LeakSpotter device
Toilets leak 20% of your water bill.
We find them.

Two of every 10 toilets leak, wasting $1,000 per year. LeakSpotter pays for itself in a year, guaranteed.

How? One, install our app on your phone. Two, walk through your building, installing one device in each toilet (no hassle, takes 10 secs). Three, uninstall the app; you're doneWhen (not if) a toilet leaks, we'll email and text alerts to you, your manager, maintenance company, anyone you want, so you can fix it and save money.

We're an award-winning startup out of the MassChallenge accelerator in Boston; to find out how to get started, contact us at info@leakspotter.com

LeakSpotter was on NECN (New England Cable News)!